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Monday, February 18 at Madison Park Apartments, 3235 W. Broadway Ave., Anaheim, CA 92804. 

Prayer Vigil: 11:00 am

Press Release: 11:30 am

We will come together to honor the memory of Justin, to promote Mental Health Awareness and our responsibility to protect those who cannot protect themselves, and to peacefully demand the immediate removal of APD protocol in favor of the use of chokeholds, striking the head and face with the baton in casual encounters, and other inappropriate uses of force.  Details regarding time and  march route will be shared soon. 


Justice for Justin

Justin's Life


Justin was a loving, family focused young man. Click here to view a timeline of Justin's life....

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How Justin Died


Justin's life was taken violently and unjustly by the hands of the Anaheim Police Department. Since the life-ending encounter, Justin's family has been given little to no information about why the police acted to take his life.  The City of Anaheim is withholding documents in violation of California law. Click on the link below to read about Justin's murder at the hands of the Anaheim Police Department.

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Testimonials from family and Friends


The shameful actions of the Anaheim PD are not limited to the deadly interaction with Justin Perkins. Sadly, there are other cases and a foul culture protecting the criminal activity of their officers.  

How did we get to this point? 

Click on the link below to hear from the only witness, as well as, read messages from family and friends of Justin Perkins.

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If you are a witness, have a similar story, or would like to participate in preventing this type of tragedy, please contact us. We will proudly help you publish the story of your loved one killed at the hands of untrained, unchecked Police.

For information regarding Justin Perkins,

 please contact DeWitt M. Lacy,  Attorney at Law,

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