Body of Proof


Justin Perkins was born in Anaheim, grew up in Anaheim, and was MURDERED in Anaheim. He was a resident of Madison Park Apartments until Oct 27 2018, when Justin was attacked, brutally beaten and choked to death by Anaheim Police right outside his apartment door. 

Justin was a timid and gentle man who always put others before himself. His daily routine was to visit his father in the hospital/ nursing facility and offer encouragement to his father who had been debilitated from a stroke he suffered four months before. 

Justin was not a member of a gang, nor was he prone to violence of any kind. 

Justin did not do drugs, did not drink alcohol, nor was he ever in possession of a weapon. 

This did not stop two Anaheim Police Officers from forcing him from his apartment home, despite his confusion and protest. This did not stop these two “Peace” Officers from using their Police Batons to beat his face and head, continuing even after his skull was concave in the top and back. 

This did not stop them from beating the trunk of his body so horrifically that NOT ONE of his organs could be salvaged and donated as he had wished. 

This did not stop them. No, not even his uncle, who came upon the scene midway through the attack on Justin. No amount of crying and pleading to the adrenaline charged police officers could stop these officers in their haze of violence. 

In his attempt to save his own life, Justin tried unsuccessfully to get away from these officers and their abuse of power. He tried to reach the safety of his apartment and his uncle’s arms, but after suffering blows to his head, his legs, his front and back body, his heart could take no more. 

In their fear, the officers tried to revive his heartbeat, and though he never obtained full consciousness again, they put Justin in handcuffs and read him his rights. They did all of this in an area without cameras, and with their own Police Cameras safely obscured by their movements and safety vest. They tried to hide their “mistake” by telling the media that the violence was due to a violent drug addict, a lie that was caught through the hospital’s toxicology report, but never corrected. 

This shocking tragedy is not the first perpetrated by these two officers. These very same officers murdered a woman in 2016. They partially revived her and took her body into custody where she died shortly after. Because they had read her the Miranda Rights and delivered her to the station, they followed the law according to the Anaheim Police Department. It is horrifying that these two officers were not even scolded for being responsible for her death in 2016.

Emboldened by Anaheim Police Department’s unconditional support, now in 2018, these two officers embraced their abuse of power and using their full strength, they beat Justin over and over again on the head with their batons, tasered him twice, and put him in a deadly choke all in a hallway they knew had no security camera. 

Everyone who knew Justin, knew him as a shy, peaceful, very spiritual, service oriented person who just wanted to make people happy. 

To think this could happen to an innocent like Justin has shaken his family to their core. Justin's mom, family and loved ones want answers. “Anaheim PD has stripped our civil rights away. The Police department is torturing us by pretending Justin never existed and his life didn't matter. No family should have to endure the pain and suffering we are going through,” appeals anguished mother, Teresa Perkins. “Knowing how much pain and suffering Justin went through at the hands of the people who are supposed to protect us!  Watching them trying to cover this up with lies about Justin being on drugs (his toxicology report came back without drugs or alcohol in his system), and now their refusal to share the video and police report is torture!”


His psychologist, who saw Justin every two months and tested his blood regularly, was shocked at Anaheim Police Department’s lies to cover up their murderous behavior. Justin had just been to the Psychologist’s office just 4 days prior to the event. 


Justin was with his mom, Teresa Perkins, every day that week, as always, being so kind, helpful, and eagerly anticipating his upcoming birthday. He continually spoke with family members, talking about the restaurant they would go to and how they would all come together to celebrate his special day. Tragically, on October 27, his life came to a violent and horrific end 2 days before his birthday. 


The nurses at West Anaheim Medical Center received Justin's lifeless body 40 minutes after he stopped breathing. Police ordered them to put him on life-support despite their medical experience telling them it was too late.... The hospital staff had to comply with the Police orders, even though he was already dead. No amount of life support could bring him back after the beating and choking he endured. The doctors told the family it was obvious and undeniable Justin died because of the deadly excessive force Anaheim PD inflicted on him.


This could have been avoided with proper training. 

Anaheim PD has not undergone adequate training on how to communicate with people with mental disabilities, as they have in LAPD, and many other police departments across the United States. 

In Anaheim, it is acceptable to use deadly force. We must demand APD to eliminate their abuse of power, and to put an end to chokeholds, baton strikes to head and face, and other inappropriate uses of force during casual encounters. Until then, no citizen is safe!